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Proceedings of the 12th Pan-African Ornithological Congress
South Africa, 7-12 September 2008


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Instructions to authors

Please note:

(1) not all symposia or posters will have full texts. Where full texts are not available, abstracts will be provided. Click on the pdf link to open the full text document or abstract.

(2) abstracts will be added at regular intervals and plenaries, full papers and round-table summaries will be uploaded as soon as the manuscripts are ready.


Plenary 1: Birds and People: an overview (Dr Nigel Collar, United Kingdom)  

Plenary 2: Climate change and Africa's birds (Dr Lynda Chambers, Australia)  

Plenary 3: Seabirds in Africa: a conservation overview (Prof. Peter Ryan, South Africa)  

Plenary 4: Africa's raptors: threats and conservation actions (Dr Munir Virani, Kenya)  

Plenary 5: Black Tern migration: linking Africa and Europe (Dr Jan van der Winden, The Netherlands)  

Plenary 6: Habitat fragmentation and avian conservation in Africa (Dr Mwangi Githiru, Kenya)  

Plenary 7: Stable isotopes and migration in Africa (Dr Elizabeth Johannes, Ethiopia)  

Symposia (The symposium number, as indicated in the congress programme, is given in parentheses after the symposium title)

Current research and conservation initiatives on African flamingos (1a & 2b)

Ethno-ornithology in Africa: bird knowledge, culture and conservation (1b & 5e)

Wild birds and avian influenza in Africa (1c)

Moult and plumage in the annual cycle of African birds (1d)

Birds and African agriculture (1e & 5b)

Impacts of climate change on birds in Africa (2a)

Bird-Industry conflicts (2c & 4e)

The Great Rift Valley - a mega scale innovation (2d)

Energetics and foraging behaviour (2e)

Seabird conservation in Africa (4a)

Bird ringing studies in Africa (4b)

Waterbirds and wetland conservation in Africa (4c & 9c)

Bird communities in anthropogenically transformed African landscapes (4d)

Conservation of African Raptors (5a & 8d)

Evolutionary processes on Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean islands birds (5c)

Trade in wild birds and its impact on wild bird populations in Africa (5d)

Intra-Africa migration (8a)

Breeding strategies in African birds (8b)

The importance of IBAs and KBAs in international development (8c)

Causes and conservation consequences of rarity (8e)

Habitat fragmentation in African landscapes (9a)

Using land bird monitoring to develop biodiversity indicators (9b)

Volunteers and biodiversity conservation (9d)

Weaver research in Africa (9e)

General ecology (10a)

Conservation (10b)

Behaviour (10c)

Population dynamics (10d)

Parasites, diseases and pollutants (10e)

Posters (The poster number, as indicated in the congress programme, is given in parentheses after the poster title)

Behaviour and bird song (A)

Birds and Agriculture (B)

Breeding ecology (C)

Conservation (D)

Distribution and abundance (E)

Education, awareness and ethno-ornithology (F)

Energetics, foraging and diet (G)

General ecology (H)

Morphology and genetic variation (J)

Population dynamics and monitoring (K)

Ringing, migration and movements (L)

Waterbird conservation (M)

Round-table discussions 

RTD 1: Birds and climate change (Phoebe Barnard, Rob Simmons and Res Altwegg)  

RTD 2: AFRING: current assessment and the way forward (Doug Harebottle)  

RTD 3: Ethno-ornithology in Africa (Robert Gosford)  

RTD 4: Raptors of Africa (A social discussion hosted by the Birds of Prey Working Group of the Endangered Wildlife Trust)  

RTD 5: The Shoebill: development of a conservation action plan (Tim Dodman & Julius Arinatwe)  

RTD 6: Implementation of the Lesser Flamingo Action Plan (Peter Cranswick, Mark Anderson & Arnaud Béchet)  

RTD 7: Status review for sub-Saharan African raptors: A Regional Red List (Geoffrey M. Wambugu, Mwangi Githiru, Munir Virani and Kariuki P. Ndang'anga)  

RTD 8: Coordinated Waterbird Counts (CWAC): Are we still heading in the right direction? (Marius Wheeler)  

RTD 9: Seabird conservation (plus mini-symposium - papers listed below) (Anton Wolfaardt and Rob Crawford)  

  • Long-term restoration success of African Penguins de-oiled following the Apollo Sea oil spill (Anton C Wolfaardt, Les G. Underhill, Anthony J. Williams)
  • Spotting the difference: towards autonomous population monitoring of African Penguins, Spheniscus demersus (Richard B. Sherley, Tilo Burghardt, Antje Steinfurth, Peter J. Barham, Neill Campbell & Innes C. Cuthill)
  • Seabird conservation on Dyer Island; the threats they face and current research to address them (Lauren Waller and Les G. Underhill)
  • The breeding success of the Damara Tern (Sterna balaenarum) in the restricted diamond mining area of southern Namibia (Justine Braby, Jean-Paul Roux and Les G. Underhill)
  • Population change, age structure and movements of the Kelp Gull on the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa (Philip A. Whittington)
RTD 10: Setting up a West African bird migration network to facilitate field research into declining migrants (Will Cresswell & Volker Salewski)  

Interest group meeting: Conservation status of the Taita Falcon: what do we know, what don´t we know, and what do we need to know? (Andrew Jenkins, André Botha & Munir Virani)  

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